5 commercial premises in the redevelopment area

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  • TipologiaTerreno
  • ComuneCagliari
  • Classe energetica
  • I.P.E.N.D.

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  • Importo richiesto852.000 €
  • Importo finanziato426.000 €
  • Durata mutuo30 anni
  • TAN2.28%
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  • LTV50%
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For sale 5 commercial premises with relevant area, located in Cagliari (CA), at the corner of via Abruzzi 52 (main access) and via Puglie 1 (secondary access). Located just outside the city center, less than 1 km from the San Michele Park and about 2 km from the hospitals (Brotzu and Microcitermico).According to the current PRG of the Municipality, a portion of about 57 square meters falls in zone B2 for which the new construction of residential buildings with an index of 5 cubic meters / square meter is allowed to be implemented through the preparation of a Detailed Plan or a Development Plan. The NTA does not reveal the possibility of direct construction on the portion of the land; the building capacity could be transferred to the neighboring property (if the need arises).The units consist of 5 commercial premises located in 4 buildings that insist on a private area of ​​5,425 square meters, used as warehouses and warehouses and are developed on one floor.BODY A consists of a double building of different heights. The front portion is in load-bearing walls externally plastered with a single pitch roof in tiles with Hm of mt. 4.50. The rear portion is unusable and propped to avoid the collapse of some areas, with Hm of mt. 2.70 and also consists of external plastered masonry with a tile roof.BODIES B (Hm 4.30 m) and C (Hm 2.70 m) are masonry sheds and corrugated roofing. They are free of any finishing work (fixtures, floors, systems, etc.).BODY D is a small prefabricated building of Hm mt. 2.70 used as an archive.The state of maintenance is poor and all require major restructuring and restoration, the presence of eternity is highlighted.The external areas are partially used for the storage of building materials and are mostly uncultivated and in a state of neglect, also the entire area is bordered by masonry fences.It should be noted that there is a building extension and redevelopment project issued by the Municipality in 2012, which involves the renovation and expansion of 3 buildings (ABC) and the simple redevelopment of building D with modification of the intended use in offices for a total covered area of ​​864.07 sq m.Total commercial area: 1,188 m2BODY A (sub.5 and 6): 377 m2 (241 + 136)BODY B (sub.3): 122 m2BODY C (sub.4): 183 m2BODY D (sub.2): 35 m2External areas: 4,708 m2Full ownership of:Urban area (CF): Sheet 5 - Particle 1211 - Subordinate 1 - Cat F / 1Commercial premises (CF): Sheet 5 - Particle 1211 - Subordinates 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 - Cat C / 1 Visita l'immobile: www.realestatediscount.it/aste-immobili/5-locali-commerciali-in-area-di-riqualificazione-10655/

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